ADAMANT Trading & Market making bot is a software that allows to run trades on crypto exchanges, make trade volume, maintain spread and liquidity, set price range, and build live-like dynamic order book.

Market making

In Market making mode, the bot places orders and executes them by itself, making a trade volume, maintaining spread and liquidity; builds live-like dynamic order books and watches a token price. Market making helps:

  • Cryptocurrency projects (token issuers)
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges

See to have a look at the bot possibilities.

Trading chart

Market Making & OrderBook Building

Profit trading

Trading is a mode when a bot runs orders according to some strategy. It can be profitable or not. This feature is unavailable now—we recommend to use Zenbot instead.


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Free and open source
  • Fill order books
  • Place buy and sell limit or market orders
  • Market making
  • Dynamic order book building
  • Spread & liquidity maintenance
  • Price range setting
  • Arbitrage token price on other trade pairs or exchanges
  • Stores and displays statistics
  • Managed with your commands using ADAMANT Messenger

Supported exchanges

If the bot don’t support the exchange you need, code it by yourself, or hire developers.

Usage and Installation

After installation, you control the bot in secure ADAMANT Messenger chat directly.

Available commands: ask a bot with /help command. Read more how to install and use the bot:

We can run market-making for you, see



su - adamant
git clone
cd ./adamant-tradebot
npm i

Pre-launch tuning

nano config.json

Parameters: see comments in config.json.


You can start the Bot with the node app command, but it is recommended to use the process manager for this purpose.

pm2 start --name tradebot app.js

Add a Bot to cron

crontab -e

Add string:

@reboot cd /home/adamant/adamant-tradebot && pm2 start --name tradebot app.js


su - adamant
cd ./adamant-tradebot
pm2 stop tradebot
mv config.json config_bup.json && git pull && mv config_bup.json config.json
npm i
pm2 start --name tradebot app.js


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