Full Stack Web Development Interview Questions

This is a full stack web dev interview flashcard app containing 150+ questions covering a large range of behavioral and technical questions.

Link to project: https://full-stack-interview-prep.up.railway.app/

How It’s Made:

Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Back-end: Node.js

@AlysshaLewin, @20jasper, @Ethodeus, @bytesbybianca, @erikateal, @brendondsouza, @alondramora, and @Danamitecoder collaborated to build this project. We split into two groups—one group built the front end, and the other built the back end.

Lessons Learned:

This app taught us how to bring together the front and back end. We learned how to import and export modules as well as make our own custom modules. We learned how to use environment variables to dynamically change the port. We used innerHTML so we could use <code> tags to style code in the questions and HTML entities to escape certain characters like ‘<‘ and ‘>’ that are misinterpreted as code.


npm install


"figlet": "^1.5.2"


Either use the fullstack app or request a random question from this API endpoint: https://full-stack-interview-prep.up.railway.app/api


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