This is a Full Stack Fees Management website designed for Devsprint – IIT Ropar General Championship – 2022


  • Responsive website with dynamic content
  • Home page, sign in, sign up, fees payments page, etc
  • Admin panel and Student Dashboard
  • Students can register, login & logout
  • Admins can login in admin panel and access privileged operations
  • Admins can perform CRUD operations
  • Auto Fees check-in mechanism to avoid multiple payments of same semester by a student



pip install Django

How to run development server?:

First open terminal in the root folder of the project. Then run the following command:

python runserver

Open Localhost in the browser to view the website

Default admin credentials (Only for development purposes)

Username: admin-iit-ropar
Password: password123

Team Members:

  1. Doodhnath Tiwari – Frontend
  2. Anant Prakash Singh – Backend
  3. Shobhit Juglan – Front and backed integration


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