1.Short summary:

This is an implementation of an hmac signing as a FaaS service on the cm4all FaaS platform. It is intended for the verification of any binary data with the sha256-hmac algorithm method. In order to use this project, we require the user to create an hmac-string for the desired data.

This project is set up with Node.js without any npm dependencies.


Three faas-function are used: sign, verify and info:


After receiving the hmac-string through a form submit event, an ISO-8601 time stamp is created.The hmac-string is being validated. Together with the (for now hard coded) user name the payload is created.

An rsa-generated public and private key are generated and add up the desired signature.

The signature is handed out to the user.


The verify function receives the signature as a parameter. The signature gets decoded using the public key and returns true in case that signature and user data match. Payload data is returned as a response.


The info returns the public key.

This project also includes a script for automatic zip file creation and upload.


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