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Static sites are scalable, secure and have very little required maintenance. They come with a drawback though. Not everybody feels good editing files, building a project and uploading it somewhere. This is where Contentful comes into play.

With Contentful and Gatsby you can connect your favorite static site generator with an API that provides an easy to use interface for people writing content and automate the publishing using services like Travis CI or Netlify.


Getting started

See our official Contentful getting started guide.

Get the source code and install dependencies.

$ git clone
$ npm install

Or use Gatsby Cloud

Use Deploy Now to get started in Gatsby Cloud:

Deploy to Gatsby Cloud

If you use Deploy Now, Gatsby Cloud will run the gatsby-provision script on your behalf, if you choose, after you Quick Connected to your empty Contentful Space. That script will add the necessary content models and content to support this site.

Or use the Gatsby CLI.

$ gatsby new contentful-starter-blog

Set up of the needed content model and create a configuration file

This project comes with a Contentful setup command npm run setup.

This command will ask you for a space ID, and access tokens for the Contentful Management and Delivery API and then import the needed content model into the space you define and write a config file (./.contentful.json).

npm run setup automates that for you but if you want to do it yourself rename .contentful.json.sample to .contentful.json and add your configuration in this file.

Crucial Commands

npm run dev

Run the project locally with live reload in development mode.

npm run build

Run a production build into ./public. The result is ready to be put on any static hosting you prefer.

npm run serve

Spin up a production-ready server with your blog. Don’t forget to build your page beforehand.


See the official Contentful getting started guide.


Feel free to open pull requests to fix bugs. If you want to add features, please have a look at the original version. It is always open to contributions and pull requests.

You can learn more about how Contentful userland is organized by visiting our about repository.


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