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🎏 example banner


⚡ Note: Use %20 for space between words Example : Github Banner -> Github%20Banner

🌌 Request query

title [required] : title of the project

subtitle [optional] : short description

theme [optional]: theme name

🌈 Custom theme

You are welcome to create your own theme and submit them to the repo.

Creating custom theme :

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Copy the default theme
  3. Rename the folder to your-theme-name and edit the index.json file


⚡ Note: Make sure your theme name is unique, Banner background image size should be 1280px x 520px

Testing your theme :

  1. npm i to install all the dependencies

  2. npm run dev to start the express server

  3. open your browser and visit


🎉 yay! you just created your first custom theme. Share your theme by creating a pull request.


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