I got tired of using old v4 Font Awesome icons on my Stream Deck, so I wrote this NodeJS script to generate the latest ones.


By default, this will generate a folder named streamdeck-fontawesome-256 with every free icon drawn in White on Black background.

The script takes a variety of parameter inputs that let you customize how the icons are generated, and which ones to generate.

$ npm install


$ node generate-icons.js -h
  -h, --help              Show help                                    [boolean]
  -n, --icon-name         icon name                                     [string]
  -A, --all               generate all icons                           [boolean]
  -s, --icon-style        icon style
                                [string] [choices: "regular", "solid", "brands"]
  -b, --background-color  background color (hex)
                                         [string] [required] [default: "000000"]
  -i, --icon-color        icon color (hex)
                                         [string] [required] [default: "FFFFFF"]
  -z, --icon-size         icon size                      [number] [default: 256]
  -o, --output-path       output folder for icons, or output filename when used
                          with --icon-name. defaults to
                          ./streamdeck-fontawesome-{icon-size} or
                          ./{icon-name}.{icon-style}.png when used with
                          --icon-name                                   [string]
      --force             force output to overwrite any existing files [boolean]


Generate all white-on-black icons

$ node generate-icons.js --all
Generating 0.solid.png...
Generating 1.solid.png...
Generating 2.solid.png...
Generating 3.solid.png...
Generating 4.solid.png...
Generating 5.solid.png...
Generating 6.solid.png...
Generating 7.solid.png...
Generating 8.solid.png...


Generate a purple Twitch icon

$ node generate-icons.js --icon-name twitch --icon-color 9146FF -o twitch.purple.png
Generating twitch.purple.png...

purple twitch

Generate two styles of circle-play icons

$ node generate-icons.js -n circle-play -s solid
Generating circle-play.solid.png...
$ node generate-icons.js -n circle-play -s regular
Generating circle-play.regular.png...

solid circle-play regular circle-play


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