Generate worlds from pointclouds

Use softxels-voxelizer to create a world from a PLY. Then just drag & drop the BIN over the viewer window.

npm install -g softxels-voxelizersoftxels-voxelizer -i "input.ply" -o "output.bin"

Dev environment

# clone this repogit clone softxels-viewer# install dev dependenciesnpm install# start the dev environment:npm start# open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser

Build with custom config

By default, it will use & but you can also specify your own:

/* myconfig.js */export default {  autoUpdateRenderRadius: false, // Enables loading/unloading of chunks as the camera moves.  enableDragAndDrop: false, // Enables/Disables Drag & Drop of world files.  initialWorldURL: false, // URL of a world file to be initially loaded (or false for none).  renderRadius: 10, // Radius around the camera that chunks are loaded.  worldMenu: [ // Displays a menu to load worlds    { name: 'Example', url: '' },  ],};
# start a dev environment with that configCONFIG=/path/to/myconfig.js npm run start# or just build a production bundle with that configCONFIG=/path/to/myconfig.js npm run build


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