A simple node.js corrections slots watcher for 42, working on Windows – MacOS – Linux.

What is this

I was bored of having to refresh the page every 10 seconds to find for correction slots and hoping to be the first one to claim it. You probably know what I’m talking about if you are a 42 student… so I made this script to alert us when a new slot is available. You will receive desktop notifications as soon as new slots has been detected.


  1. Clone the repository : git clone https://github.com/MaaxIT/42_slot_watcher
  2. Open the config.json file and your own values (see below for configuration steps)
  3. Run node . and here you go, you can take a rest!


  1. Connect to the intra, press F12 to open your console, go the “Application” tab and scroll down to the “Cookies” category.

  2. Open your cookies from the 42 intra and copy the value of the cookie with the name _intra_42_session_production. Put in into the config file at session_production.

  3. Then, go to your project and go to the menu where you can see available corrections slots for your project. In the URL, you can see 2 important values : –> Use this link as an example: https://projects.intra.42.fr/projects/42cursus-push_swap/slots?team_id=4134397 –>> 42cursus-push_swap is your project_id –>> 4134397 is your team_id

  4. You don’t have to change other values.

    "session_production": "your_session_production",
    "project_id": "project_string_id",
    "team_id": "team_number_id",
    "cooldown": 30,
    "nextDaysLimit": 1


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