Merriam-Webster’ Dictionary Chrome Extension

This extension uses Merriam-Webster’s free services. You can do free register here to get your personal API key. Then you need to put it in the options of the extension to be able to use it.

Notice that there are different types of APIs and each has its unique key. In the options, you should choose the one which you choose on registration.

How to install on Chrome?

  1. Clone the repo or download it as a zip and extract it
  2. Open chrome://extensions in your Chrome browser and active Developer mode by clicking the toggle on right-top corner of the page
  3. At the left-top of the same page, click on Load unpacked button and load the folder you just cloned or the zip file you have downloaded.
  4. Enjoy! 🙂

For your information

  • This extension is hastily developed for personal uses
  • My API keys are set by default, so you can test it if you wish
  • There are still lots of messes in the code
  • It is not ready to be published in store yet and need more tests
  • This readme will be updated…


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