Google Cloud Storage Cache Action for GitHub

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This GitHub action is equivalent to @actions/cache except that it stores and retrieves the resulting cache artifacts in/from a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket.


- name: Authenticate to Google Cloud
  uses: google-github-actions/[email protected]
    workload_identity_provider: projects/your-project-id/locations/global/workloadIdentityPools/your-identity-pool/providers/your-provider
    service_account: [email protected]
- name: Cache the node_modules
  id: node-modules-cache
  uses: gajus/[email protected][replace with the current version]
    bucket: bucket-name
    path: node_modules
    key: node-modules-${{ runner.os }}-${{ hashFiles('package-lock.json') }}
    restore-keys: |
      node-modules-${{ runner.os }}-
- name: Install dependencies
  if: steps.node-modules-cache.outputs.cache-hit == 'false'
  run: npm ci



This GitHub action can take several inputs to configure its behaviors:

Name Type Example Description
bucket string my-ci-cache The name of the Google Cloud Storage bucket to use.
paths string[] node_modules Paths to store (one per line).
key string ${{ hashFiles('package-lock.json') }} Cache identifier.


This GitHub action will output the following values:

Name Type Description
cache-hit string A boolean string (“true” or “false”) representing if the cache was successfully restored.

Compression Algorithm

When compressing or decompressing the cache archive, the action will lookup for the best compression algorithm to use. If zstd is available, it will be used instead of gzip by default.

The compression method will be added to the object’s metadata on the Bucket. Thanks to this, when decompressing, the correct algorithm will be used.


Can I use this action on multiple repositories with the same bucket?

Yes you can. When storing to the bucket, this action will use the following the following path:

[repository owner]/[repository name]/[cache key].tar

What is the difference from MansaGroup/gcs-cache-action?

Large parts of the codebase were adopted from MansaGroup/gcs-cache-action (as is reflected in LICENSE).

However, compared to MansaGroup/gcs-cache-action, gcs-cache:

  • Includes thorough tests
  • Does not support zstd version below v1.3.2
  • Does not support Windows
  • Does not support restore-keys

Other features may get restored in the future. However, the priority was to roll out the key functionality and cover it with tests.


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