Grabs Discord tokens using their QR code authentication API


This script can help you gain access to someones Discord account. This does not “hack” their account, it just gives you the key to it. This script requires a little social engineering so don’t expect it to work on just anyone.

This differs from others like it as it used Discord’s API directly, instead of using Chromium or other web drive to render the page and copy the QR code. This makes it very fast and lightweight.

If you need help you can contact me at Hulu#6969.

This is for educational purposes only, I am not liable for anything that you use this tool for.


  1. Run the script
  2. It will generate a image with a QR code
  3. Send the image to a victim and have them scan it
  4. Once they’ve scanned it, you will recieve their id, username, avatar, and discriminator
  5. If they click the button to login, you will then recieve their token
  6. Use their token to gain access to their account




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