Pass bokning

This is a helper script to be able to book a time for Uppsala/Stockholm passport time.


Nodejs v17

Getting started

Create a file result/config.json

  "persons":[ // Amount of persons to book for. Feel free to add or remove, add empty objects if you want to be anonymous.
      "first": "firstname",
      "last": "lastname"
  "contact": {
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phone": "0701234567"
  "station": 0, // 0 = all of the passstations in the county, if you want a specific one you need to check it up.
  "county": "uppsala", // Allowed/supported: uppsala, stockholm
  "endDate": "2022-05-31" // How long to allow the automated booking to work

corepack enable pnpm # Make sure pnpm exists
pnpm install # install dependencies
pnpm run start # runs the command.

Once the script succeeds in creating a booking it will create a file called result/success.json and any time you run the script with that file existing, the script will close without doing anything.


To automate this script run with a similar crontab:

*/15 * * * * [PATH_TO_NODE_INSTALL]/bin/node [PATH_TO_REPO]/src/index.mjs > [PATH_TO_REPO]/result/log.txt 2>&1


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