Integrate your GitHub Repo events with Telegram!

Self Deploy

  • Fork this repo
  • Create a telegram bot at @BotFather (for getting the bot token)
  • Make your bot admin in the channel/chat you are going to connect
  • Add @MissRose_Bot, make it admin and run /id command (to get the id of chat/channel)
  • Make a .env file/fill your environment variables like given in .env.sample
  • Install all dependencies – yarn; yarn install
  • Run the bot – yarn start
  • Now go to your GitHub Repo’s settings and add a webhook to your repo, fill the Payload URL with https://<your-domain>/webhook and Content Type as application/json. Keep the secret blank as it hasn’t been implemented yet.
  • Then save your webhook and tada! You are ready to go.

Try Starring your repo/making a commit etc. and you will see the bot sending the message in the chat/channel!

Current events supported:

  • Stars
  • Push
  • Forks
  • Pull Requests
  • Issues
  • Releases

This project is in development and more things are being added!


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