Interactively invoke Lambdas in Architect Sandbox with arbitrary events

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Into your existing Architect project:

npm i @architect/plugin-lambda-invoker --save-dev

Add the following to your Architect project manifest (usually app.arc):



While Sandbox is running, type i in your terminal to bring up the Lambda invocation menu. Then select the Lambda you’d like to invoke.

By default, this plugin will populate your menu with all @events, @queues, @scheduled, and @tables-streams; you can limit this menu (or expand it with additional pragmas) by adding the following setting to a pref[erence]s.arc file:

invoker http scheduled # This would populate @http + @scheduled Lambdas, and ignore all others

Tip: you can navigate the invocation menu by typing numbers (zero-indexed)!

Invocation mocks

By default, Lambdas are invoked with an empty payload ({}); if you’d like to invoke your Lambdas with arbitrary payloads, create a file containing invocation mocks.

Invocation mock files live in your root with one of these filenames: sandbox-invoke-mocks.json or sandbox-invoke-mocks.js. These files should be structured like so:

Assuming this project manifest:




If you wanted to add one or more mocks to each of the three Lambdas above, create the following sandbox-invoke-mocks.js (or equivalent JSON) file with the format of [pragmaName][lambdaName][mockName]:

module.exports = {
  events: {
    'background-task': {
      'my-first-mock': { /* payload */ },
      'another-mock': { /* payload */ },
  queues: {
    analytics: {
      'one-more-mock': { /* payload */ },
      'just-a-mock': { /* payload */ },
  scheduled: {
    'backup-database': {
      'a-mock-for-this': { /* payload */ },
      'the-last-mock': { /* payload */ },

Tip: when using sandbox-invoke-mocks.js, you can dynamically (synchronously) generate mocks on startup


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