This is a node module for getting Steam CS-GO items pricing

How it works?

  • This module allows you to get the price of an item from CS:GO directly into your code without any “backend”
  • Module was created using the “request” lib on node.js

How to use?

  1. Create a new GetUrl class with arguments:
  • First argument – you currency (uds, rub, eur, gbp)
  • Second argument StatTrak of your skin (bool)
  • Third is a name of the gun
  • Fourth is a name of your skin
  • And last is s float of your skin
  1. Get url of your request and make a SteamPrices class with an url in the argument
let SteamPrices = new SteamPrices(url.GetRequestURL())
  1. Use the construction in the expample to get a price:

SteamPrices.getPrices((res, status) => {

Full example how to use:

let url = new GetUrl('usd', false, 'desert eagle', 'blaze', 'factory new')

let reQuest = new SteamPrices(url.GetRequestURL())

reQuest.getPrices((res, status) => {


  • request: ^2.88.2
npm i request


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