IP-logger V-2.0.0-Beta Educational Uses Only ©️

Logger/Grabber customization IP look up Open Source Type Can Use Https
https://github.com/NotYmL/IP-logger/ good IpInfo.io True API True
https://github.com/dzt/ip-grabber minimal None True Script ?
https://github.com/EesaZahed/IP-grabber good None True API False
https://github.com/cchhaarroonn/Grabby minimal IpInfo.io True Script ?
https://grabify.link/ good grabify.link False WebSite True

Wiki added!


Download repo!

git clone https://github.com/NotYmL/IP-logger

Install Dependencies!

npm i

Run Server!

node Server.js

OR use pm2!

npm install pm2 -g && pm2 start Server.js


git clone https://github.com/NotYmL/IP-logger && cd IP-logger/ && npm i && npm install pm2 -g && pm2 start Server.js

How to use pm2

pm2 status
pm2 start <File-name>
pm2 stop <ID-from-status>


    "Https": false,
    "Https-privateKey": null,
    "Https-certificate": null,
    "html": "web/index.html",
    "Dashboard-URL": "/logs",
    "Password": "123",
    "Discord-webhook": null,
    "ipinfo": false,
    "ipinfo-token": null

Using ipinfo.io

  1. Sign up at https://ipinfo.io/

  2. Go to Dashboard

  3. Copy your Token

  4. Turn on ipinfo in conf.json

  5. Paste your token in conf.json at ipinfo-token (Eg. “ipinfo-token”: “Token-Here”)

More customized configuration requires more direct code changes!

Default HTML

<html lang="en">
        <meta charset="UTF-8">
        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
        <p>Test 123</p>

Additional Information

Tested on CentOS 7

Platforms/APIs used: discord and ipinfo.io

Future plans

  • Web GUI Interface
  • Logs Website (Password protected)

Behind rating table

Paste-into-code scripts are rated with minimal customization because any customization would be directly changing the code Paste-into-code scripts are also rated with “?” in supporting https protocol this is because the User has to make his website https for the script to use in https

Note grabify.link is the best option if you don’t care about source code and if you do then the BEST TOOL for you is one that you will build, BUT for now my tool is THE BEST OPTION FOR YOU (;



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