Isopets – A relaxing pixelated pets game

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Isopets is a 2D, isometric pixelart game where you can take care of a virtual pet. My only purpose of coding this game is to understand how apps and games are made and to practice pixelart as it’s one of the game development skills I personally would love to learn.

I’ll be using the Electron framework as it (mostly) implies front-end development knowledge. I’m still learning JAVA so maybe one day, if the project is successful enough, I’ll re-code it completely so people can play it in mobile devices as well.

How to install


In order to install Isopets, you need to have the following dependencies installed:

  • git → clone the repository.
  • node → run electron.
  • npm → install node & electron modules.


Isopets can be easily compiled through CLI / Terminal with the following commands:

git clone
cd isopets && npm install --save-dev electron
npm install --save-dev @electron-forge/cli
npx electron-forge import
npm run make

If you run into any problems during the compilation, please check this.

To-Do List


Initial release – Base code.

  • Create the GitHub repository.
  • Complete the file.
  • Install Electron dependencies & Node modules.
  • Create core directories & files.
  • Set up the game’s app.js / app.html.
  • Create base graphic assets.
  • Implement assets in game, as well as develop core functions.
  • Code Save / Load / New Game system.

Special Thanks

  • Omosborne for being so reassuring and helping me to come up with new, good ideas.

External Resources

None at this moment.


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