CowTranslator.js 🐄

JavaScript library to translate cow language 🐄 to text


<script src="[email protected]/src/cowTranslator.min.js"></script>

Usage 📝

This library provides 2 functions:

  • cowTranslator.cowToText : translate cow language to text
  • cowTranslator.textToCow : translate text to cow language

Each of these functions returns a translationResult class :

  • translationResult.text : the human version
  • translationResult.cow : the cow version
  • translationResult.error : the error message if any
  • translationResult.success : whether the translation was successful or not
  • translationResult.warning : whether warnings were generated or not

Human to cow

Translate Hello World ! to cow language

let cow = cowTranslator.textToCow("Hello world !");

.cow is the cow version of the text

cow.cow // "mOoOoOO moooOoo mooOoOO mooOoOO mooOOOo mOOOOOo moOoOOo mooOOOo moOoooO mooOoOO mooooOO mOOOOOo MoooooO"

The translation is successful

cow.success // true

Cow to human

Translate "mOoOoOO moooOoo mooOoOO mooOoOO mooOOOo mOOOOOo" to human language

let human = cowTranslator.cowToText("mOoOoOO moooOoo mooOoOO mooOoOO mooOOOo mOOOOOo");

.text is the human version

human.text // "Hello"

Errors and warnings

If an error occured and the translation was not successful, the following properties are set:

  • translationResult.success : ⛔ false
  • translationResult.error : the error message

If warnings were generated, the following properties are set:

  • translationResult.warning : ⚠️ true
  • translationResult.error : the warning message
  • translationResult.success : ✅ true


If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to open an issue


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.


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