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jQuery based plugin for parallax scrolling

jQuery based plugin for parallax scrolling

A parallax scroll effect plugin

Hongkong - jQuery based plugin for parallax scrolling

Install via npm

npm i --save hongkong


Please add bin/hongkong.js to your website. Make sure to include
the dependency jQuery.

<script src="node_modules/jquery/dist/jquery.js"></script>
<script src="node_modules/hongkong/bin/hongkong.js"></script>

Just add the attribute data-parallax. For directions of the "floating" element
please use data-parallax-top or data-parallax-bottom.

You can add a data-parallax-factor with a value which is an integer to change
the factor of which the element should move. Default is 4.

Then call


somewhere within your JavaScript.

[ES6 | ES2015 | ES2016 | ES2017] modules

With ES6 you can use Hongkong as follows:

import $ from 'jquery';
import hongkong from 'hongkong';



You can pass options to Hongkong to customize it a bit:

  • factor: default factor to use for momentum if no other is set via a data-attribute; default: 4
  • mobile: support parallax effect on mobile; default: false
  • mediaQuery: Media query to match against when disabling parallax on mobile; default: (max-width: 42em)
  • selector: Selector to use to detect elements that should be scrolled; default [data-parallax]
  • threshold: Set threshold for showing and hiding elements; default 0

Data attributes

  • data-parallax-top
  • data-parallax-bottom
  • data-parallax-position-x
  • data-parallax-factor
  • data-parallax-remove-initial-offset
  • data-parallax-remove-general-offset


Run npm i inside this folder.
Start a development server with npm start.




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