Double Agent Scroll

JS Module that automatically updates nav element or list group based on scroll position to indicate which link is currently active in the viewport. Also, when nav elements or list groups are clicked smooth scroll is being applied plus history push state.

⌨️ Install from the command line:

$ npm install @inhaltone/[email protected]

Install via package.json:

"@inhaltone/double-agent-scroll": "1.0.4"


import module to your app

import {DoubleAgentScroll} from "@inhaltone/double-agent-scroll";

Initialize Double Agent Scroll by creating an instance

const doubleAgentScroll = new DoubleAgentScroll(...);

By default, the instance captures the below mark up structure

HTML Layout

<!-- Navigation container -->
    <!-- link -->
    <a href="#sectionFirst" data-target="sectionFirst" class="double-agent-link active">
    <a href="#sectionSecond" data-target="sectionSecond" class="double-agent-link">

<!-- Scroll Agent container -->
<div id="double-agent">
    <!-- Scroll Agent section to spy on -->
    <section id="sectionFirst" class="double-agent-section">
    <section id="sectionSecond" class="double-agent-section">

Initialize DoubleAgentScroll

const doubleAgentScroll = new DoubleAgentScroll('#double-agent', {
    offsetTop: Number,
    navClass: String,
    sectionClass: String


// Get links
const navElements = doubleAgentScroll.getNavElements();

// Get sections
const sectionElements = doubleAgentScroll.getSectionElements();


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