Keep your work and personal files seperate on the same machine without seperate user

How to use

Copy work-mode.json to ~/.work-mode.json or ~/.config/work-mode.json

Replace default directories in the config file with directories you want to have images for

./work-mode.js on when you start work

./work-mode.js off when you end work

Built with

  • dd
  • mkfs
  • mount

How it works

work-mode mounts .img files on top of existing personal directories, effectively shadowing their contents.

For example, if Downloads is in your work-mode.json, then a coresponding .img file will be mounted at Downloads when work-mode on is called, effectively hiding all of your personal downloads. Then when work-mode off is called, the img will be unmounted, revealing the personal contents again.

Why not multiple users?

As a developer, there is a lot of configuration and software that should be shared between a work and personal computing environment. Keeping seperate users and user directories for the two environments will lead to duplication of that configuration.


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