A site dedicated to turn web peasants into Internet LandChads.

Simple step-by-step text and image-based tutorials for creating websites, email servers, chat servers, server administration and everything else.

Suggestions welcome.

Submission guidelines

  • follow the general style of pre-existing articles
  • use the root user (i.e. no sudo) unless there is a specific need.
  • do not preface commands with $ or # or anything.
  • use .svg files for icons/logos and for illustrative images, keep filesize low
  • Use
  • custom command/file info should be highlighted with <strong> tags

On <pre> tags

In-line code should be in <code> tags, while codeblocks should be in a <code> tag inside of a <pre> tag.
<pre> allows formatting preserving whitespace.
That said, do not format <pre> tags as following:

	echo "Here is a command."
	echo "Here is another."

but do it like this:

<pre><code>echo "Here is a command."
echo "Here is another."</code></pre>

All whitespace, including tabbing in and initial and final newlines are displayed by <pre>.
To maintain consistency and avoid goofy-looking extra lines, add no extra whitespace.


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