HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript

To Do List ⚙️

This is a leaderboard App to practice Javascript, API implementation and Webpack deployment.

Live Demo ⚙️

  • GitHub Pages: DEMO

Tech ⌘⇧

  • HTML & CSS best practices: Correct use of tags, elements, properties and syntax.
  • Gitflow: Correct use of Branches for deployment and features development.
  • Webpack: Source development for production bundling.
  • Linters Check: Local and Pull Request Github workflows to check for stylistic errors, bugs and syntax errors in code.

Author ✍🏼

👤 Raul A Ospina 🧑🏻‍💻

Project Milestones

  • Milestone 0 – Project setup (4h)
  • Milestone 1 – Hit the API (4h)
  • Milestone 2 – App styling (3h)

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License 📝

  • This project is MIT licensed.


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