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⚓ Let’s celebrate this Valentine’s Day by connecting with a developer in your domain.

See the demo of GitHub Valentine

How to use❓

  1. Star the repo ⭐
  2. Head over to GitHub Valentine ?
  3. Enter your GitHub username ??‍?
  4. Boom! Now you can connect with your GitHub valentine ????

What technologies used❓

  1. Github API
  2. NodeJS
  3. ExpressJS
  4. Handlebars

? Installing and Executing locally

  1. Fork this repository, by clicking the Fork button at the top-right on this page.

  2. Clone the forked repository from your GitHub account.

git clone[replace-with-your-github-username]/github-valentine.git
  1. Go to the cloned directory (e.g. cd github-valentine).

  2. Run npm install to install all the dependencies

  3. Inner the folder of the cloned project, start the application :

npm run start
  1. After that, the command will start a local server instance. Open (http://localhost:5000/) in your browser. The GitHub Valentine will be displayed.

? Contribute

Please, feel free to make pull request if you have any improvements or any sort of changes.Your contribution is always welcome!

Don’t know How to Contribute, head over to the docs


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1 Muhammed Hashir
2 Abdul Adhil PK

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