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━ Maintainer(s): Aviril, Mario, Tron, Anisa

vNetworkify is a open source lightweight yet safe, secure & reliable cross-platform (Client, Server) networking library that you can rely on without stressing about performances issues, since the library is developed with ‘Performance-First‘ in mind! vNetworkify provides built-in REST & Socket APIs out of the box that you may usually need for any simple to complex projects.

Tired of using bloatwares? unnecessary dependencies? redundant codes? reinventing wheels? additional/unoptimized modules? searching for single file library?; Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! vNetworkify implements networking servers & exports them along w/ addon APIs; thus letting you utilize them w/o having to import express, ws or any addiitional libraries separately. Nevertheless you can import them from vNetworkify for any specific usecases.

━ Features


  • Completely Open-Source
  • Modular Programming
  • Completely Performance-Friendly
  • Completely Safe & Secure
  • Built-In Servers
  • Built-In REST APIs
  • Built-In Socket APIs
  • Built-In Socket Networks
  • Built-In Socket Rooms
  • Supports CDN Embedding (Solo embeddable script provided w/n every release vnetworkify-client, vnetworkify-server)
  • Necessary Integration APIs

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