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Daily journaling without distraction

An easy, distraction-free way to record your thoughts, declutter your mind and keep the things you want to remember. We all only have so much room in our brains for things. Let Linked be the place to put something you want to remember and let you free up space for deeper thinking.

You can download linked here for free!

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  • 📅 Write down anything and as much as you want per day
  • 🔍 Search across all days
  • ✍️ Support for various text styles as well as todo, list and code blocks
  • 🖼 Linked comes in dark and light mode
  • 💻 Keyboard navigation for maximum productivity
  • 💾 Files are forever yours, you can find them at ~/Documents/linked
  • 🌐 Multi language support


  • 🔗 link days together for references
  • 🗓 Month overview
  • ⭐️ Rate your days
  • 📶 sync across devices
  • (📱 phone support?)

💖 Sponsor

The app will always be opensource and free – if you enjoy the app, please consider becoming a sponsor or leave a tip.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Search Cmd or Ctrl + K.

Today Cmd or Ctrl + .

Next Day Cmd or Ctrl + N

Previous Day Cmd or Ctrl + P

Next Week Cmd or Ctrl + Shift + N

Previous Week Cmd or Ctrl + Shift + P

Settings Cmd or Ctrl + ,

Leave Settings Esc

Exit Code Block Cmd or Ctrl + Enter


Please check first before opening a pull request please.

How to run locally
  1. Check your node version, it must be v15 or newer
node --version
  1. Clone the repository (make sure you have git installed)
git clone
  1. Change to the newly downloaded directory
cd linked/
  1. Install project dependencies
  1. Start the application
yarn electron:serve

Make sure to follow @uselinked on twitter to get the latest news about the project or feel free to check github discussions.


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