custom.js and custom.css utilities for Logseq.

curent verion v20220314

  • query table view : add handles on the query table headers to resize column width (not persistent) 20220312_NUC8_M49yriOEAH

  • namespace prefixes collapser : collapse namespace prefixes eg: [[prefix/page/test]] becomes [[../test]] (use the hover tootip to see the original name or enter edit mode) 20220314_NUC8_cMu56YIkrd

How-to use/install

  • if you are not using any custom.js1 or custom.css, copy the files into your %graph-name%/logseq/ folder.
  • alternatively, if you don’t want to overwrite your current files or are only interested in some of the utilites, open the each file with a text editor/code editor then copy-paste the relevant sections into your own custom.js/custom.css files (some utilities require to copy sections from both custom.js and custom.css to work, also make sure to include the mutation observer declaration at the start of the custom.js), use the search function to find the relevant snippets delimited by comments with descriptive names.

help me improve the utilities

  • I’m glad to accept Pull Requests if you know how to improve or optimize the utilities
  • if you find this useful, you can also buy me a coffee 🙂


more js snippets and css customizations are coming soon, stay tuned


    • custom.js has been introduced in logseq on 2021-11-10, see details here logseq/logseq#2943
    • the custom.js file is not created by the default installer, it has to be created manually in /logseq
    • Before executing the code, the user will be asked for execution permission.
    • When the content of the custom.js file is modified, it needs to be restarted or refreshed to take effect.


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