Main objective

Provide an optimal parking solution based on subscription plan for users.

  • Sub Objective 1: Registering the verified parking lots to the system and Suggest an optimal parking plan for the parking area
  • Sub Objective 2: Suggest and direct to suitable parking areas based on vehicle model and features
  • Sub Objective 3: Find the availability of free space for parking inside a parking area
  • Sub Objective 4: Internal Navigation in Parking Area

Main Research questions

While there are plenty of parking solutions available in Sri Lanka there in none of them are providing
an optimal solution for the user problems. Mainly we identified some major issues with those systems
and real-world problems which users have to face when they use a private vehicle for the day to day
When we consider existing parking applications, their parking packages are not much fair for the
vehicle owners. If someone wants to park the vehicle in a parking lot, they must have to choose a
package. According to the literature survey, we were able to find that many parking systems charging
at least per hour basis even if the vehicle driver use the parking for five or ten minutes. As a result,
drivers waste their money for those parking systems. In this solution we are introducing time based
subscription packages for the users which is charge for the exact parking time.
Although there are so many available parking lots in urban areas. We found that there is a lack of
well-organized parking lots available everywhere in the country. Some of the places are actually not
suitable for the parking but people used to park those places frequently because of not having parking
lot nearby beside the road and unauthorized or unsuitable places. So using this solution we are
registering verified parking lots to the system to avoid such problems.
Most parking areas in urban cities have very hard internal routing system, as a result driver face
difficulty to find the path to navigate inside the parking area. And, when we consider about parking
area owners, planning an optimal parking plan for their parking area is a hard task to them. Most
importantly there are various kinds of vehicles as a result some vehicle couldn’t enter some parking
areas due to different physical reasons such as over-height. And also, sometimes there will be no
free space to park when the user enter the park yard to park the vehicle, then the users will lost his
time and as well as emission of Carbon Dioxide and wastage of fuel may result in danger to human
in the near future. When a user arrives at the destination parking facility and come into a car
park facility indoor area, indoor navigation is launched to direct the user to the reserved parking

Individual research question and objectives

  1. Member 1 : M.D.S.M Antany – IT18012552

In this parking system we provide business opportunity to the users to register to the system who
have owned empty land or garage. In that scenario they have to register giving relevant information
and pictures of the place he wants to register. System has a feature to verify the place as a proper
parking lot and approve the registration. Or else respective registration should direct to the human
verification by system admin. Then system admin have an ability give a proper parking mapping to
the parking owner with help of the system.

    • Verification and registration of the owner’s lands/home car park in the system(Research
    • Suggesting the Optimal Parking mapping for the new parking lot to the parking lot owner
    • Human verification and Confirm the details of the new parking location in the map
    • Parking lot owner’s income management
    • Add Promotion and Offers for the drivers
  1. Member 2 : M.R.M. Aadil – IT18013092

Finding a correct parking yard to park the vehicle is a hard task. In this component we are
going to suggest the most suitable parking yard for user by considering distance, availability
of free spaces and physical characteristics of vehicle such as height and width

    • Suggesting the most suitable parking yard for the driver(Research Component)
    • Parking Fee Calculation
    • Parking Time Subscription
    • Locate the vehicle after parked
  1. Member 3 : Priyankara A.D.D. – IT18154672

This proposed system needs to find the free parking spaces currently available (real-time) inside a
parking area to suggest the parking area for user, to decide the best parking space and to give the
user internal navigation inside car park. Member 3 mainly does this task. Also, this system gives the
parking area owner to feature of complaining about users misusing the system. In some cases there
are vehicles owners who live or work at some parking area’s building so they must have the ability to
park their vehicles for free when the owner of the parking area mentioned. There will be a proper
registration procedure for vehicle owners to the system. Furthermore, this system provides free
parking for registered users for free parking facility.

    • Identify free parking spaces inside a parking area(Research Component)
    • Complaints on misusing the system.
    • Free of charge parking facility for users who has given the service by parking owners.
    • Registration for vehicle owners.
  1. Member 4 : Ferreira L.V. – IT18013924

Main research component is Indoor Navigation system for the parking area. By using beacon
technology, can implement the system and make drivers easier to find the path to the parking slot
inside the parking area.

    • Navigation system for the parking area(Research Component)
    • Shows the nearest Parking Slot
    • Pre-Book Parking Slots
    • Monthly Based Report
    • Suggest the nearest parking areas if the current parking area is full.


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