Mad simple PHP folder structure based wiki engine for auto-generating code documentation
webpages with support for markdown using Parsedown or
alternatively it’s own markup WIP language, also featuring Highlight.js for syntax highlighting.


using .tinyw file

tinyw is a work-in-progress simple markup language, it aims to provide a simple standardized way to
write code documentation.


# comment

-- lua code

// cpp code

*bold text*

_italic text_

_*bold and italic*_

<u>underline text</u>

<s>strikethrough text</s>


<link="http://example.com">link text</link>

<html><button>Custom HTML Button</button></html>

Running Dependencies

Setting up

Simply drag the source files to any directory of your website, it’s not recommended to mix these
files with other files.


By default you don’t really need to modify the permissions on your server, but if you do want that,
the ones you are free to hide from the web are:


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