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Fork Notice/Disclaimer

This repository is a Fork of the original repository. All thanks to the past contributors.

Copyright © 2021 Ramzi-Sah, © 2022-present Clemie McCartney

Since the original repository is not maintained anymore (cmiiw). I decided to maintain a fork of it with a Full documentations and fixes.


This repo is consisted into 2 monorepos:

  • bot/ Bot Instances of the Game Status
  • dashboard/ The Bot Frontend dashboard

Setting up the databases

Before you run any of these monorepos, you need to add the provided SQL’s to run the bot properly.

Add the db.sql inside root folder to your MySQL/MariaDB, then you can proceed to development.

Don’t forget to sync your mysql/mariadb details with the bot & frontend.

  • Bot = bot/src/config.json
  • Frontend dashboard/php/db_config.php

Note: You might need to rename the file from db_config.example.php to db_config.php in order to get the app working. and also config.example.json to config.json too!

Discord Oauth2 & Bot Token

We’re using Discord Oauth2 for authenicating with our services. To create the application, Head over to and create a new app.

Then, Go to your app, then Select Oauth2 tabs, select the general menu, then copy the Client ID and Client Secret. Paste it to dashboard/php/config.php

You might need to reset your Client Secret to generate a new Client Secret.

You might need to rename the file from config.example.php to config.php in order to get the app working.

While you’re at your discord app, Go to Bot tabs, and create a new bot.

Reset your bot token to get the token, copy the token and paste it to bot/src/config.json.

To invite your bot, head over to Oauth2 tabs, and select URL generator menu. Generate the bot scopes with applications.commands and select your preferred permissions. Copy the provided oauth2 links and invite the bot to your server.

Frontend Development

To work on the frontend, you mostly only need to focus on the dashboard/dashboard directory. Spin up a Apache2/NGINX server and put the dashboard/ directory to it. See the readme file in there for more details.

Bot Development

When working on the bot, the bot/src directory is where you need to be. The bot application will assume it’s being run from the bot/, not from within bot/src.

Before you start the bot, you need to setup the dependencies, use yarn and run yarn. To start the bot, type yarn start.


TBA. Stay Tune!


Got any other questions? Shoot your thoughts to my Discord.


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