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Quick Start

<!-- in head -->
<script src="[email protected]/build/aframe-brownian-motion.min.js"></script>

<!-- in a-scene -->
<a-cylinder shadow position="0 1 -2" radius="0.2" height="0.4" brownian-motion="speed:0.2;"></a-cylinder>
<a-torus-knot shadow position="0 1 -2" radius-tubular="0.03" radius="0.15" height="0.4" brownian-motion="speed:0.5;positionVariance:2 2 2;rotationVariance:5 5 5;"></a-torus-knot>
<a-box shadow position="-0.5 0.2 -2" width="0.4" depth="0.4" height="0.4" brownian-motion="speed:0.9;positionVariance:2 0 2;rotationVariance:5 5 5;"></a-box>


Screen Recording of some 3D objects moving in a random pattern

brownian-motion component

This component animates an object

Property Type Description Default
seed number Random seed 0
octaves number How fine grained the motion is 2
positionVariance vec3 How much it should be moved by {“x”:1,”y”:1,”z”:1}
rotationVariance vec3 How much it should rotate by {“x”:10,”y”:10,”z”:10}
speed number Speed multiplier 1


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