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Peerlist is a community of working professionals focused on building a personal brand, sharing professional content, and finding peers to collaborate with. A Peerlist profile can be used as a simple resume or a complete portfolio to showcase your work. You can style your with an awesome Peerlist markdown badge.

⬇️ Below are a few examples:

Peerlist User Badge
Akash Bhadange Peerlist
Pranjal Bareth Peerlist
Yogini Bende Peerlist
Santosh Yadav Peerlist
Vinit Shahdeo Peerlist

Warning The author might be biased above, but you get the point! 😉

🤝 How to use?

Replace vinitshahdeo in the markdown with your Peerlist username. Get a Peerlist profile here if you don’t have one already!



🎨 Style your badge:)

Additionally it supports the styles. To use a different style: Replace flat-square in the markdown with any of the styles below. 👇


🚥 Available styles

Type Badge
flat This is the default style. Peerlist
flat-square Peerlist
plastic Peerlist
social Peerlist
for-the-badge Peerlist

Note It’s always preferable to include a link to your Peerlist profile in the README badge.



🏃‍♂️ How to run locally?

➡️ Setup

  1. Install all depedencies
npm i
  1. Start the Express app
npm start

The above command will start a local server that listens on port 3000 for connections.

🔄 Run

Visit http://localhost:3000/<peerlist-username>


🎯 What’s next?

Upcoming badge Inspired from
Peerlist Twitter Follow @vinit_shahdeo

The above badge is dummy which can be retrieved using a query param: beta=true ⚠️

The ultimate goal is to create a dymanic markdown badge that displays Peerlist followers count similar to the Twitter badge shown above. This is currently blocked on a public API to fetch the followers for a Peerlist user.

🚀 Want to contribute?

Do you want to pitch in? If so, please consider developing a web app that generates the markdown badge dynamically based on the Peerlist username entered by the user. There will be an option to copy the markdown text. You can take inspiration from the Badges Generator.

🚧 Behind the scenes

Huge shoutout to service for providing badges in the SVG format. 🙇 Thank you Pranjal for designing the poster.

Deployed on Heroku

🤗 Show some love!

Did you like it? 👍 If yes, please help me spread the Peerlist README badge. ❤️ Show your support by leaving a star or sharing your thoughts on Twitter @vinit_shahdeo.

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