The Quest For Six Pack –

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I want abs.

Six-pack abs.

So I built to help me achieve that.


  • Brutalist & minimalist design optimized for efficiency and ease of use
  • Available on any OS: iOS, Android, PC, macOS, Linux, etc.
  • Intelligent workout routine planning
  • Chinese & English language support

Tech stack

Made with ❤️ by Vincent Wu.


To install the app you would need Node.js, npm and git. Then you need to clone the repository:

git clone

Next, navigate to the local repository


And install all the dependencies:

npm install

Starting the development server

To run the development server you just need to use

npm run dev

This should start the server at http://localhost:8080.

You can also start the production server with

npm run start

Building the app

To build the optimized JavaScript package you need to run

npm run build

The output will be in the public directory ready to be served.


For end to end testing, Cypress is a recommended framework. The test scripts are located in cypress/integration/test.js. To run the tests you just need to use

npm run test

Cypress client will open and let you play with the tests. Note that the test.js file is written to test the developement version of the app. prod.js only tests the data pipeline utility of the production version.

This repo also uses GitHub Actions to automatically test every new pull request. More can be found in .github/workflows/


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