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An application that allows users to both conduct and participate in mock interviews.

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This Project

MockIT transforms how mock interviews are held. This application connects the user to a live interviewer to practice interview questions created by the interviewer. Student users are able to search for an interview by the topic or company.

A bright shade of blue and yellow were used as a color theme for this application, as the majority of the user base is students.

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By creating an interactive platform for students to conduct interviews, this project aims to encourage inclusivity in the educational environment.


To clone and run this application, you’ll need Git and Node.js (which comes with npm) installed on your computer. From your terminal:

# Clone this repository
$ git clone 

# Go into the repository
$ cd mockit

# Install dependencies
$ npm install

# Start the development server
$ npm run build
$ npm run dev

This starts your app in development mode, rebuilding assets on file changes.


# First build your app for production:
$ npm run build

# Then run the app in production mode:
$ npm start

Now you’ll need to pick a host to deploy it to.


If you’re familiar with deploying node applications, the built-in Remix app server is production-ready.

Make sure to deploy the output of remix build

  • build/
  • public/build/

Using a Template

When you ran npx [email protected] there were a few choices for hosting. You can run that again to create a new project, then copy over your app/ folder to the new project that’s pre-configured for your target server.

$ cd ..
# create a new project, and pick a pre-configured host
$ npx [email protected]
$ cd my-new-remix-app
# remove the new project's app (not the old one!)
$ rm -rf app
# copy your app over
$ cp -R ../my-old-remix-app/app app


This software uses the following open source packages:




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