Modern and beautiful admin panel built with Tailwind CSS while using the class names you are already familiar with!

This project is under heavy development but still, you can check the demo, open an issue or check the issues tab to find a good way for contributing.

ZedAdmin – TailwindCSS Admin Panel


ZedAdmin like any other HTML Admin Panel that you have been used by today, you could simply clone or download the source code and start building your amazing admin panels with it!

Development or customization

if you want to customize ZedAdmin, add or edit a few classes, you would need NodeJS in order to build the project.
under the hood, the project is built with PostCSS, so if you want to create some changes, you have to edit src/css folder and use the command below to build your project:

npm run dev

You can also use this command if you are developing continuesly:

npm run watch

Todo List

  • RTL Support
  • Accordion
  • Alert
  • Badge
  • Breadcrumb
  • Button
  • Button group
  • Card
  • Chat bubble
  • Comment
  • Divider
  • Empty placeholder
  • Form
    • Dropdown
    • Select
    • Text input
    • Text area
    • Checkbox & Radio
    • Range slider
    • Switch
    • Upload
  • Loading
  • Modal
  • Pagination
  • Progress
  • Tabs
  • Toast
  • Tooltip


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