Momentum Mod

Momentum Mod is a standalone game built on the Source Engine, aiming to centralize movement gametypes found in CS:S, CS:GO, and TF2.

Momentum Mod Panorama

This repo contains all of our core game UI files used by Source’s Panorama UI framework.

No C++ or other game code files will ever be stored here, it solely contains files interpreted at runtime by the game, authored by the Momentum Mod team.


The repository primarily consists of XML, CSS and JavaScript files. It also includes all icons and various images and videos used by the UI.

For a general overview of Panorama see the VDC page.


XML is used to describe the overall layout of all panels. These panels can then be manipulated by JavaScript and C++ code.


Panorama uses a variant of CSS for styling. Note that it does not conform to the standard CSS spec, differing significantly in how it handles things like flow and scaling. A complete list of CSS properties can be found using dump_panorama_css_properties markdown in the ingame console (you will need to launch with -condebug and read the console.log output). The list is also kept on the VDC though this may not be fully up to date.

Momentum uses the Sass preprocessor for all styling. This is compiled by the game itself on first load then cached for future loads if unchanged. Developers may therefore change any Sass styling and it will be recompiled on next launch or reload with panorama_reload.

The Sass module structure is quite conventional, with all top-level modules (besides abstract/) handled by main.scss. Any XML file then needs only include main.scss to access the entirety of the game styling. We use the BEM (Block Element Modifier) naming scheme for all classes, besides those that are referenced in C++ code, which use Upper Camel Case.


Panorama uses the V8 JavaScript engine to interpret and run JS files at runtime, including files in <scripts> tags in XML similar to regular web development.

JavaScript communicates with the game via events and APIs exposed by the game, a full list of which can be found by running dump_panorama_events markdown and dump_panorama_js_scopes markdown ingame. Many of these are also listed in this repository though it currently requires manual updating so may not be kept consistently up-to-date.


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Most of our larger systems and components require significant interfacing with closed-source ingame and thus requires licensed access or work with in tandem licensed dev. Thus, our work up until now has been done internally by the core team. By the time of the release of 0.9.1 however, we have exposed a significant enough amount of events and APIs that non-team developers should have the capacity to work on areas such as HUD components (for an example of non-licensed HUD work, we recommend scripts/hud/cgaz.js).

Those looking to contribute should look for issues not marked with “Needs C++”. See also the #panorama channel in our Discord – whilst Panorama itself is relatively poorly documented, we are very happy to help any potential contributors there.

One of our team members, brae, also maintains various tools at panorama-languages-support which we highly recommend.


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