MPaper.js – is an math extension of the popular Paper.js project

MPaper.js integrate Paper.js with Anime.js( for animation API. it also borrow some API design ideas and codes from Manim Community(

Detailed tutorial at wikipage


Code Structure-1

        canvas[resize] {
            width: 100%;
            height: 100%; 
        <script type="text/javascript" src="../../dist/mpaper-full.min.js"></script>
        <script type="text/paperscript" canvas="canvas">
          /** mpaper.js code goes here.....  **/
    <canvas id='canvas' resize></canvas>

your mapper.js code is arranged as the followings:

       section before Main, used for global setup,   onFrame, onMouseXXX events handlers are 
        defined here 
/** code for main scene goes here ... **/

Scene( 'scene-A' );
/** code for a scene named 'scene-A' 

Scene( 'second-life');
/** code for a scene named 'second-life'  

available env variable:

  • project : current active project
  • view : current used view
  • curPage : current Page
  • curLayer : current Layer this Page belongs to
  • curTimeline : current timeline this Page uses.

reserved words to control animation workflow.

  • Wait(second) //animation waits for [second] before resuming.
  • Pause() //animation pauses here, until resume event is fired.

reserved words for object creation and removing.

  • Create(options)
  • Uncreate(options)

animation effects

  • Focus()
  • Indicate()
  • Flash()
  • Circumscribe()
  • ShowPassingFlash()
  • Homotopy()
  • ApplyingWaves()
  • MorphingTo() As we use Anime.js for controlling animation process, we can directly invoke Anime.js API by using:
  • PlayCode()
  • Anime()

some special requirement for coding in mpaper:

  • all reserved words starting with UpperCase letter must be at top level. they should not be inside any code blocks, like {}, or function body, for-loop…
  • if we have to use reserved words within code blocks, most of them have corresponding lower-case version. for example: Create -> create, Uncreate -> uncreate.
  • all declared variable should omit keyword ‘var’ as mpaper automatically promote variables into top-level scope.

switch among different scenes:

  • enterScene( scene-name ) //bring up a new scene
  • leaveScene() //close current scene

working with Latex:

first, we need to include two additional js libraries :

\<script id="MathJax-script" async src="[email protected]/es5/tex-svg.js"\><\/script\>
\<script type="text/javascript" src="../../lib/mathjax-bridge.js"\><\/script\>
for math form, if mixed with text, we use $$…$$ to specify latex

item = new Path.Tex({
    content : input,
    scale: 20,
for pure text

item = new Path.Text({
    content : input,
    scale: 20,

svg morphing:


The following sections are for development only.

(some unit testing code is broken, so please use –no-verify flag for dist)

Installing Paper.js

The various distributions come with two different pre-build versions of Paper.js, in minified and normal variants:

  • mpaper-full.js – The full version for the browser, including PaperScript support and Acorn.js
  • mpaper-core.js – The core version for the browser, without PaperScript support nor Acorn.js. You can use this to shave off some bytes and compilation time when working with JavaScript directly.

Mpaper.js need Acorn.js and PaperScript from Paper.js to support its functions, so mpaper-full.js is required.


The main mpaper.js source tree is hosted on GitHub. git is required to create a clone of the repository, and can be easily installed through your preferred package manager on your platform.

Get the Source

git clone --recursive git://
cd mpaper.js

To refresh your clone and fetch changes from origin, run:

git fetch origin

To update the jsdoc-toolkit submodule, used to generate the documentation, run:

git submodule update  --init --recursive

Setting Up For Building

mpaper.js uses Gulp.js for building, and has a couple of dependencies as NPM modules. Please read Paper.js document page for details.

In order to be able to build mpaper.js, after checking out the repository, mpaper has dependencies that need to be installed. Install them by issuing the following commands from the mpaper.js directory:

yarn install

Building the Library

The Paper.js sources are distributed across many separate files, organised in subfolders inside the src folder. To compile them all into distributable files, you can run the build task:

yarn build

Other Build Tasks

Create a final zipped distribution file inside the dist folder:

yarn dist

Branch structure


Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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