MusicBridge Recieves MIDI messages and converts them to AppleScript commands to control Apple Music and Spotify for macOS.


Simply download the latest .dmg file from the releases page and open it.

After that, simply click and drag to your applications folder. No fuss!


On first start, you’ll need to configure your MIDI cues. Open the application you wish to send MIDI from and quickly create an action. Click learn on the desired action in MusicBridge, and then play your MIDI note in your software. It should automatically learn.

(Note: The IAC driver may be required for some versions of macOS.)

Please ensure you also select the right music player in the settings.

Known Issues

  • Learning may not work properly
  • You may have to select Spotify, then iTunes and then Spotify again and vice-versa to set music player.


iTunes has been replaced by Apple Music. All references to iTunes actually mean Apple Music.


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