Discord.js v14 Command-Handler

Commands, Events, Permissions and Cooldown Handlers for Discord.js v14 bot ~ Made by Lynx

Discord.js v14 (dev version)

Discord.js v14 is still in development, but we can start using the dev version.


  • Commands Handler
  • Slash Commands Handler
  • Events Handler (messageCreate, interactionCreate)
  • Permission Handler
  • Cooldowns (No Database)
  • Mongo Database



Leave the GUILD_ID in .env file blank if you want to register slash commands globally.

Add new secret: TOKEN, MONGO_DB, CLIENT_ID and GUILD_ID into the environment variables tab (lock icon in sidebar) if you are using replit.

If you are using replit you can remove require('dotenv').config() from index.js and you don’t need to install dotenv


Discord: Lynx.devv#0531 Instagram: lynx.devv

Made by Lynx (Lynx.devv#0531)

These command handlers are made by Lynx (Lynx.devv#0531)

If you have any problem, you can contact me. 😉



This handler was built with the ideas from Nathaniel-VFX’s Discord.js v14 handler.


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