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Created by Sami-ul

Oftentimes smaller countries are excluded from the media as other events supercede them in impact. As a result people end up not knowing much about these smaller countries who are going through big changes and issues on their own. To combat this, I created this news application which encourages users to search through many countries to read the news about. This allows users to stay informed. It also attempts to create a summary by scraping the text from these news sites. I aim to publish this site in the future.


  • This application allows users to search for news by each country
  • Users can also recieve a summary of each article pulled
  • Due to the large variety of website designs for news services, it is hard to pull a summary for every single one
  • If errors occur in pulling news for a country, try going back and searching for that same country again
  • Clicking on a list object leads you to the webpage where the article is


  • Make sure you have the following tools installed
    • Python
    • NodeJS
    • Flutter
  • In your command prompt, navigate to the same folder that this readme is located in and type ./setup_packages and press enter
    • This bat file will run all the necessary packaging operations for this app, it may take up to 2 minutes
    • You only need to do this once
  • After that is done, run the command ./run_app.bat
    • This will run all the components of the server which will be served on localhost
    • Then it will automatically run flutter in a chrome
    • Once you are done with this simply close the command prompt so the servers can close

Work In Progress

  • Enhancing the summary function
    • Currently it incorporates incomplete quotations and picks weird portions that it deems as important
    • It is also extractive, future plans include making the summary abstractive


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