Docker of nginx with django to support auth, upload(drag or click) and pic_pipeline.

It’s a simple nginx docker with a django backend as the background management module to support user auth and upload files/folder, etc. You can loggin as admin with this account.(user:admin passwd:a)

Why use this?

If you want to start a nginx with upload by login and user control, you can use this folder as docker to start by one command.

How to use?

cd docker/
# only once
docker-compose build

docker-compose up -d  #you can change the .yml=> xxx:/src/files path and rerun this command

Finally open the page by http://yourip:81/files/ to check the files folder, and open http://yourip:81/upload/templates/Login.html (or First.html) to login or upload(automatically jump to login). The django log file is at docker/log/django.log.


When you start this docker, then you will get this effect:


If the file is too large(>500MB), then will echo 413 error for nginx/django.conf: client_max_body_size 500m;


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