Noderlang – Erlang node in Node.js

Noderlang allows Node.js programs to easily operate in BEAM environments,
appearing as a normal BEAM node to other nodes.

const { Node, send, self, tuple: t } = require('noderlang');

// Start a distribution node. It will be available as `[email protected]`.
Node.start('js', async function* root() {
  // Atoms are represented in JavaScript as Symbols.
  send([Symbol('some_process'), '[email protected]'], t(self(), Symbol('hello!')));


  while (true) {
    // `yield` is like `receive` in Erlang.
    const message = yield;


// You can also use GenServer.
class Something extends GenServer {
  async handleCall(value) {
    // Return value is used as response.
    return otherValue - 2;

  async handleCast(value) {
    // Making calls is simple.
    const otherValue = await, value + 2);

  async handleInfo(value) {
    console.log('got info', value);

Current Status

This is currently WIP. Basic functionality like message passing and GenServer
work, but overall stability needs to be improved.

This is greatly inspired by Pyrlang.


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