Noraaa is just another Discord bot, she is upgrading day by day to bring a smile to your face. Noraaa can do most of the things which you require for making a super duper awesome Discord server. We are currently focused on certain modules for each version. Here, we make it our passion to provide you the best Discord bot ever with all awesome features.

How do I report a bug or suggest a feature?

Feel free to open an issue with your bug report or feature request, with as many details as possible. If you’d like to write a feature, please open an issue first for discussion. For help with the bot, please see join Discord.

Can I self-host Noraaa?

I wouldn’t recommend it. Self-hosting this bot (running a copy yourself) is not supported, and no help will be provided for editing nor compiling the code in this repository. The source code is provided here for transparency about how the bot’s primary features work. If you decide to edit, compile, or use this code in any way, please respect the license


Contributions to Noraaa are always appreciated, whether it be improvements to the documentation or new features, please feel free to make the change.

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