NPM package that you can use to create your own template files

how to install

npm i mx-template-generator -global

#how to setup

  1. create config file

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 7 48 13 AM

  • it is supposed to be an array containing an element with a templateName and templateFile
  • templateName – will be the name of the generated file
    • you need to include the ${folderName} this will be the destination of the folder created
  • templateFile – this is the template that the file will be copied from
    • ${fileName} will be replaced by the filename supplied from the command
    • Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 7 48 42 AM
  1. set the destination path of config
  • locate settings.json inside the npm package
  • change it to the location the config.js is located
  • Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 7 46 57 AM

#how to use

  1. open terminal or cmd
  2. locate the directory where you want to create your files
  • example: cd /Volumes/Passport/projects/sample-redux-toolkit/sampleApp/src/feature
  1. write mx-template-generator --name="ADD YOUR FILENAME HERE"
  2. npm package will automatically create the files from the config.js provided
  3. the name of the folder will have the first letter in lowercase
  • example: –name=”SampleFolder” foldername will be “sampleFolder”


feel free to message me here on if there are any other concerns create an issue ticket


to execute command mx-template-generate – used to execute the file creation --name – used to define the name, folder and class name --template – used to specify the template to use --force – used to override file creation


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