Build decentralized social apps with the Orbis SDK

By using the Orbis SDK, developers can build their own decentralized social apps or add a decentralized social layer to their existing application in a very easy and performant way.

Why you should build on Orbis

By being built on top of Ceramic, Orbis offers many advantages to developers interested in building decentralized social applications:

  • No transaction fees
  • Users don’t have to sign a message for each action they take
  • Write times are very fast which offers a user experience similar to web2
  • Every piece of content shared on Orbis is decentralized on the Ceramic network and anyone can access it
  • There is a full composability between apps built on the Orbis ecosystem
  • (Coming soon) Multichain: Users can join Orbis using additional chains such as Cosmos or Solana and interact together in the same digital space

Use cases

Here are some examples of applications that could be built on top of Orbis:

  • Full social apps like
  • Decentralized & encrypted messaging system
  • Fully customizable & embedded group chat servers
  • Decentralized Discourse governance forums
  • Decentralized support system (similar to Intercom)
  • Decentralized version of Slack
  • Decentralized commenting features
  • And many other things…


Our documentation is available at


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