One of my prototypes for catbot. As you can see this bot is not made well as (this is a prototype), but anyhow, I put this here since someone was curious how I made this. Why am I not putting my latest version of the bot? This is because the current version of the bot is using outdated dependencies and after I’m done updating the code, then I’ll upload it here. I might not be very active since I still am a final year student, so yes it is indeed sad. Depending on how this goes, I might include sharding since people asked me how to work with sharding before (Fun Fact: At some point, if you bot grows big enough, you will have to shard.). But yeah, this is more or less a badly made bot because why not.


To use this bot, you need a few things. First you need a tenor API key and Discord app/bot token. .env file:

token = discord-api-key-here
tenorkey = tenor-key-here

config.json file:

  "prefix": "cat",
  "ownerID": "",
  "version": "1.0.0"


Not a whole lot, as of now, there are just 2. Mainly gif, cat, help, ping, usage.

package config

The stuff in the package.json file is probably outdated.

I’m sorry

Yes I am aware most of you guys use message and that I, out of pure retardacy, chose to use messageCreate.

Running the bot

In the repo, you might notice 2 .sh files, and They basically setup and run respectively. Anyhow, I will added this because someone asked for some resources. So i told them anbout NVM (node version manager). More about Basically a script that gets the bot up and puts logs and errors in files. Also if the files do not exist it will automatically be created.


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