This is clone of Koovs.com It is an Indian e-commerce web application to purchase clothing . This project has been completed by team of five members in 4 days .

Deployed Link:



Screenshot (1305)

Technology We Used 💻

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. JavaScript


1.You will be able to create your account using login and signup option.

2.You can choose a product which you want to buy and add to cart section.

3.One can Sort and Filter the product according to the prices and size of different products.

4.User can also select and remove items from cart section and make payment through card.

5.All the data is stored in the localStorage of the User.

Instructions to Run the Code

  • Clone our repository https://github.com/chandan8809/koovs.git
  • Open that code in your VS code index.html
  • Open the index.html on Live server
  • Then you can Navigate through other pages from Landing page like signin.html, cart.html, product.html etc.

Our project team members :

Monu — Landing Page and Header Chandan — Sign-in SignUp Suresh — Product page Ruby — display page Moin — Cart page Abhishek — Checkout and Footer


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