Open apps directly in GNOME Software by clicking Install from Flathub and apps.gnome.

for Firefox

Load the extension in Firefox

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Open Firefox browser and navigate to about:debugging
  3. Click “Load Temporary Add-on” and from the file browser, choose manifest.json


  • Flathub
  • Apps GNOME
  • AppCenter

The Why

To facilitate the installation process of Flatpak applications through the websites flathub.org and app.gnome.org, I created this simple extension that, through appstream, opens GNOME Software directly in the app’s details panel.



Flatline basically uses appstream to tell GNOME Software which app to show, but I still haven’t found a way or know if it’s possible to tell GS which repository to focus on. If you use distributions that focus heavily on using Flatpaks like Fedora Silverblue, you won’t notice this. Choose Flathub repository on the upper left side.

Special thanks

I want to thank Lains for taking the trouble to create such a cool icon, thanks also to Nahuel for bringing the idea to the table.

Use GNOME Web aka Epiphany? Also check this extension (WIP)


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