Open Figma Variants as an configurable file.

Read this to understand how to export Figma Variants for Vectanize.

Figma Tutorial

What is this ?

In 2020, Figma introduced Variants, a feature that allows components to have multiple states. However, it became really hard to export and find which version of the component you needed to use.

This is where it’s useful.

Vectanize takes a .zip or a .vsg file that contains variants exported from Figma, reads them, and organizes them in an user interface that lets you easily select which version you need right now.

preview of the UI

Other stuff

About the user interface.

I know, it’s kinda ugly rn. Don’t worry, an all new user interface and dark mode is coming really soon.

What the hell is a .VSG file ?

It’s basically a .ZIP archive but it’s not named as ZIP so you can point your operating system to open files with Vectanize directly.


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